Jane’s Jaunt

My name is Jane Akshar I have lived in Luxor since 2003.

After marrying my Egyptian husband in 2002 we discussed where to live. Having seen one husband try to adapt to life in the UK and eventually die! I felt it would be easier for me to adapt to living in Egypt and Mahmoud absolutely did not want to leave Egypt. So after a fair amount of preparation, closing my company, letting my 11 year old daughter finish primary school, we moved to Luxor. You can experience it through my eyes, exactly as I wrote it online, for my friends and family. Written as a blog it gives a day to day account of my first year in Egypt.

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 With Jane’s Jaunt you will see me….

  • set up my tourism business
  • get along with my co-wife
  • day to day life in Egypt.

Ever wondered what it is like to move to  Egypt, what would you feel leaving your home country, how would adapt to a new husband and a new country?

If you followed Jane on her first journey to Egypt, follow her as she takes the ultimate step, immigration to Egypt.


Jane’s Jaunt is available direct from me.  Hard-copies  are available on Lulu.  You can also search your local Amazon, but please buy direct as I get a bigger percentage

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Jane's Jaunt
Jane's Jaunt
10 years ago Jane Akshar embarked on a great adventure, emigrating to Luxor, Egypt. For the first year she kept a diary online to let reassure friends and family and let them know how she was getting on. Read how she copes with the very different life in rural Egypt with its unique culture and traditions, starting a new business and career, adapting to the life and marriage to a Muslim Egyptian and being a co-wife.

Just $9.57 for this full colour, high quality ebook

Jane Akshar

I hope you enjoy your virtual journey to Egypt and if you want to do the real thing yourself, just contact me.  jane.akshar @ gmail.com

Best Wishes

Jane Akshar


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