Jane Goes to Egypt 1979

Jane Akshar Egyptology Student
Dear Traveller,

Ever wondered what it is like to visit Egypt, what would you feel on your first visit, how things have changed.

Follow Jane on her first journey to Egypt, walk in her foot steps as she gazes on the pyramids for the first time, clambers into her first tomb, has her first taste of Egyptian food.

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Jane 1979 ThumbnailMy name is Jane Akshar I have lived in Luxor since 2003 but my first visit was in 1979 when I was a lot younger, naive and slimmer. I had loved Egyptology since a child and through my father got a chance to go on a study tour to Egypt. I thought I knew everything and found I knew nothing when I actually got here. I also fell in love with modern Egypt and after many life experiences had the ultimate pleasure of moving here.

Have you always dreamt of visiting Egypt, seeing Tutankhamen, you can experience it through my eyes.

We had a packed schedule and were led by an lecturer, it was a study tour so even before we left we had handouts and lectures.

Just 14 days and all of Egypt

  • 1 September 1979 Flight to Egypt
  • 2nd Sept 1979 Egyptian Museum & Citadel
  • 3rd Sept 1979 Memphis and Sakkara
  • 4th September 1979 Giza
  • 5th September 1979 Karnak
  • 6th September 1979 Valley of Kings, Hatshepsut, Ramasseum and Medinet Habu
  • 7th September 1979 Abydos and Dendera
  • 8th September Queens and Nobles
  • 9th September 1979 Edfu and Kom Ombo
  • 10th September 1979 Aswan
  • 11th September 1979 Abu Simbel
  • 12th September 1979 Cairo
  • 13th September 1979 Fayum
  • 14th September 979 Back to the Museum
  • 15th September Return to the UK

With Jane Goes to Egypt 1979 you will experience….

a full 2 week tour of Egypt, back in the old days, all from the comfort of your armchair


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Jane Goes to Egypt 1979
Jane Goes to Egypt 1979
Back in 1979, when I was 24, my Dad’s boss said to him one day “Silly question Alec, you don’t know anyone who would be interested in going to Egypt do you. My sister is organising a trip and someone has let her down.” Well of course Dad did, me! This is my diary of that trip.

Just $1.50 for this full colour, high quality ebook

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I hope you enjoy your virtual journey to Egypt and if you want to do the real thing yourself, just contact me.  jane.akshar @ gmail.com

Best wishes
Jane Akshar
Jane Akshar


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