Hidden Luxor for Kids

Jane Akshar  Egyptology Student
Dear Traveller,

Thinking of bringing the children to Luxor, Egypt. Wondering how they will cope, how you will cope and what there is to do?

Jane brought her own daughter to Egypt both on holiday and to live and has been host to many families in the 10 years she has lived there. In this book she gives you all the tips you need.

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Hidden Luxor (for kids)
Hidden Luxor (for kids)
Thinking about a Luxor holiday for the family and want to know how to keep the children amused then this book is for you. The parent’s guide to Luxor.. Jane Akshar has written a comprehensive guide to the historical sites and this companion book is aimed at parents wanting to know what to see, where to eat, what to do and what to avoid.

Just $5.57 for this full colour, high quality ebook

You can also order as a Kindle on Amazon, just search on my name on Amazon for your country.

I hope you enjoy your virtual journey to Egypt and if you want to do the real thing yourself, just contact me.  jane.akshar @ gmail.com

Best wishes
Jane Akshar
Jane Akshar


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