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Hidden Luxor Guidebook – 2nd Edition

Dear Luxor lover,hidden-luxorr

If you have caught the bug for Ancient Egypt, above all for the wonderful historic town of Luxor and want to know enough to decide what to visit next time without doing a three year course in Egyptology or reading a thousand books then this the book for you. Hidden Luxor is available direct from me.

My name is Jane Akshar and live in Luxor as I study Egyptology I constantly get people asking me…”tell me about the sites, what should I see, where can I get away from the crowds”. Generally they are people that are coming back for a second visit as they loved their first visit so much. However this time they want to get under the skin and I love to help them discover the things here in Luxor that I find so fascinating too.

Jane Akshar Egyptology Student

The 2nd edition is updated with the new sites that have opened since 2011 like the Roman temple of Deir el Shelwit and the many new tombs, including those at Qurnet Murrai. However the major addition is the result of my increasing lack of mobility, tips for the disabled. I has visited all the sites on my mobility scooter and give  the mobility impaired visitor an insight what is possible and what is not. The foreword by Paralympian Dan Highcock says “….2nd edition is absolutely fantastic in my eyes…….. it makes me want to book some flights to Egypt right now!”. There is even a section on tips for the visually impaired.

Let me explain more

People will ask me…

  • I want the children to enjoy the experience of exploring Ancient Egypt.
  • I want to avoid the crowds
  • Where are the best carvings and paintings?
  • I like walking to see the sites
  • Can you tell me where the snake goddess is?
  • I have problems with my knees where can I go?
  • What other gods were worshipped at Karnak?

After 13 years of being asked these questions I know exactly how to answer and I have put it all in this comprehensive, easy to follow ebook – just for you.

It is based on…

  • Experience as a guide showing people round the sites
  • Knowledge of Egyptology going back 45 years
  • Current studies at Manchester University
  • Attending and recording lectures held in Luxor by international experts
  • Understanding of what people like you want to see
  • Knowing what is covered by a standard tour
  • Touring the sites on my mobility scooter in 2016

This is hard won knowledge which took a long time and a lot of hard work to obtain. I am prepared to share it all with you. This unique book is a distillation of everything I love about Luxor, why I had to move here and why I have never got tired of visiting the sites.

Not only that I have given you links to books that if you should want to take it further you can read and enjoy, books by academics with a wealth of information, books for kids and guide books like Egypt on 5 Deban a Day. Every author is someone I respect and from mainstream Egyptology.

Which Part Of This Incredible Resource Will You Take Advantage Of First?

The descriptions of the sites, the walking tours, the recommended books, my suggestions? In fact you can even impress your friends and family advising them which sites to see and which to avoid, they will think you must have been studying in secret.

If you like walking I give you advice on the special places to go that are only accessible to the fit and active.

If you are in a wheelchair I can tell you which temples are possible and which are not

If you have children you can avoid the crowded places and go where they will enjoy. I have lots of experience and know exactly what appeals to them.

Hidden Luxor will show you….

What the various sites in Luxor and close by have to offer, which ones are the most interesting. I give you enough information so you can make an itinerary for yourself.

Hidden Luxor
Hidden Luxor
This unique book is a distillation of everything I love about Luxor, why I had to move here and why I have never got tired of visiting the sites. So much more than a guide book, every site in Luxor described, suggest itineraries, advice and lots more. How to enjoy the sites, avoid the crowds and get off the beaten track. Hidden Luxor is primarily aimed at people who are visiting Luxor for the second time.
Price: $9.57

Just $9.57 for this full colour, high quality ebook

Hard-copies  are available on Lulu but be aware those pictures are in black and white. Give me proof of purchase and I will email the colour eBook. You can also search your local Amazon, but please buy direct. Be prepared to be amazed as you learn there is more to Luxor than you ever knew existed – with over 60 stunning photos of places YOU can go to.

Just Some of the Locations Described
  • Karnak
  • Karnak – White Chapel of Senusret I and Open Air Museum
  • Karnak – Temple of Ptah
  • Karnak – Botanical room of Tuthmosis III
  • Karnak – Priests Houses
  • Karnak – Block yards
  • Karnak – Khonsu Temple
  • Karnak – Excavations in front of the temple
  • Mut Temple
  • Luxor Temple
  • The Mosque of Abu Haggag
  • West Bank.
  • Hidden Hatshepsut – Lower Terrace
  • Hidden Medinet Habu – Outside Walls
  • Hidden Merenptah
  • Hidden Ramasseum
  • Hidden Seti I – Temple Palaces
  • Hidden Deir El Medina
  • Temple
  • The Village
  • TT290 Irynefer and TT3 Pashedu
  • Tombs
  • TT192 TT44 Assasif Tombs and TT279 Pabasa 65
  • Valley of the Nobles – Gurna
  • TT55 Ramose, TT57 Khaemhet, TT56 Userhet
  • TT96 Sennefer and TT100 Rekhmire
  • TT69 Meena and TT52 Nakht
  • TT51 Userhet, TT343 Benji and TT31 Khonsu
  • TT178 Neferronpet, TT296 Nefersekheru, Dhutmosis
  • TT255 Roy and TT13 Shu Roy
  • Hidden Tomb of Ay
  • Hidden Valley of Kings
  • Hidden Valley of Queens – Meretsegner/Ptah shrine
  • Carter’s House
  • Hassan Fathy’s New Gourna
  • Medamud Temple
  • Tod Temple
  • Ankh Tifi
  • Luxor’s Museums
  • Luxor Museum
  • Mummification Museum
  • Merenptah Museum
  • Walking Tours
  • Thoth Hill
  • Royal Cache
  • Mekht Re
  • Senenmut Tomb
  • The Avenue of the Sphinxes
  • Deir el Shelwit
  • Qurnet Murrai
  • and much more
Fully Illustrated with Photos and Drawings of
  • Mud Brick Scaffolding
  • Ramses II
  • Seti I Raised Relief
  • Ramses II Incised Relief
  • Obelisks at Karnak
  • White Chapel of Senusret I
  • Red Chapel of Hatshepsut
  • Ptah Temple
  • Botanical Room
  • Priest House
  • Block Yard
  • Khonsu Temple
  • Ptolemaic Baths
  • Useramun False Door
  • Sekhmet at the Mut Temple
  • Obelisk of Ramses II
  • Peristyle Hall of Amenhotep III
  • Divine Conception of Amenhotep III
  • Original Mosque Door
  • Prayer Niche Carved into the Colum
  • Map of West Bank
  • Hatshepsut Temple – Marsh Scene
  • Temple of Hatshepsut
  • Gateway at Medinet Habu
  • Outside walls at Medinet Habu
  • Sea Peoples
  • Ox Cart at Medinet Habu
  • Tuthmosis III Sanctuary – Medinet Habu
  • Spies being beaten
  • Colossal Statue at the Ramasseum
  • Is this a Barbecue?
  • Seti I Temple
  • Deir el Medina Temple
  • Sanctuary at Deir el Medina
  • Ankh Hor
  • Pabasa
  • Kheruef
  • Ramose
  • Sennefer
  • Rekhmire
  • Meena
  • Nakht
  • Neferronpet
  • Shu Roy & Roy
  • Tomb of Ay
  • Horemheb
  • Shrine of Meretsegner and Ptah
  • Carter House
  • Hassan Fathy House
  • Medamud Temple
  • Tod Temple
  • Ankhtifi
  • Luxor Museum
  • KV63 Bed
  • Merenptah Museum
  • The Temple on the top of Thoth Hill …. and much more.

As well as the sites in central Luxor listed above, you’ll also find details on those just outside Luxor

  • Medamud
  • Tod Temple
  • Ankhtifi

This unique resource – “Hidden Luxor” is available to you as a downloaded eBook directly accessible from the Internet.

This way I have no inventory and fulfilment costs. I don’t have to pay a telesales team to take orders over the phone (though you’re welcome to email me). This way I can pass along my cost savings to you. So you win and I win.

Plus, by downloading the manual to your PC you can keep a copy on your computer, print it out when best suits you AND……….this is what I like……….take a copy of the pages you want on your trip to Egypt.

Avoid the struggle of packing a big fat guide book and weighing down your luggage. You can throw away pages as you visit knowing that you still have the original on your computer.

Just $9.57 for this full colour, high quality ebook

You can also order  paper back copies or as a Kindle on Amazon, just search on my name on Amazon for your country. Due to the cost of colour printing the printed book has black and white pictures BUT email me proof of purchase and I will send you a copy of the colour eBook.

If you’re new to downloading information from the Internet let me put your mind at ease. I’m no ‘techno wizard’ and I had no problem. And, the book can be read on both PC and Mac computers.

Now, because you will be downloading everything online – I’m not going to charge anywhere near the amount you would pay for a glossy coffee table book – In fact the price for over 192 pages of ‘Hidden Luxor’ is just $9.57.

I am so confident you will be delighted with Hidden Luxor, I am offering a full no-quibble, no-questions asked 100% money-back guarantee – so there’s no need to worry, if you’re not happy for any reason, I’ll give you your money back in full straight away… and you can keep the eBook as my gift to say sorry for any inconvenience caused.

So you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Order Right Now

Just $9.57 for this full colour, high quality ebook

bath-2011-9Once your payment is made via PayPal you will be automatically sent your very own copy. It doesn’t matter if it’s 2am in the morning! Unlike a Kindle it is YOURS for ever.You will be downloading and reading this breath taking information within just a few minutes….and using it to know as much about Luxor as I do.

Best wishes

Jane Akshar – Author ‘Hidden Luxor’

If you need help please email me

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