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Are you ready to explore the wonders of Luxor – the jewel in the crown of Ancient Egypt?

Karnak HypostyleThe perfect preparation to your dream holiday in Luxor whether that is next week or still in the planning stages. My lectures will give you an idea of the size and scope of this wonderful historic site, the worlds biggest open air museum.

We start with Karnak the longest lecture and the biggest site. I think it could easily take you two to three days to explore this site in detail. I explain the difference between raised and incised relief with examples. Then we go on the Luxor temple by day and night and a unique insight into the restoration of the mosque.

Then it is over to the West Bank to the temples and tombs of the Theban necropolis. Starting with the Deir el Bahri temples, especially Hatshepsut. There are parts of this temple where the tourists don’t go to and I show you where.

Then to Medinet Habu where we explore all parts of the complex not just the Ramses III temple. I mention the work of Chicago House. Our next stop is the temple of Merenptah and we go over the temple, storage rooms and the site museum. This leads us to his father Ramses II and grandfather Seti I. I point out the differences and similarities between this temple,  the Ramesseum and the temple of Seti I. You find out my view of Ramses and Seti.

Our transition to tombs is the village of Deir el Medina, the men that built the temples and tombs. We look at their life, death and worship. Then we look at other nobles from different period from Sennefer to Ankh Hor and Rekhmire to Pabasa. Finally it is the royals and we go to the Valley of Kings, tomb of Ay and Valley of Queens not forgetting the house that Howard Carter lived in.

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