How to learn more about Egyptology from books and videos

Attention fellow Egypt-o-manics 

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Are you besotted with learning more about Egyptology? Great…..Me too!

Jane Akshar Egyptology StudentMy name’s Jane Akshar and I live in Luxor, Egypt and I got interested in Egyptology 47 years ago. I first visited Egypt in 1979 and have lived here since 2003.

As you can imagine I have picked up some interesting information and seen a lot of changes over the years.

I am absolutely mad keen on Egyptology and I am currently doing further study at Manchester University via the online Certificate in Continuing Education in Egyptology.

I love sharing Egyptology whether that is through Luxor News, my hugely popular blog about the events, history and sites of Luxor or through staying with me at Flats in Luxor, our Luxor tourism company that provides accommodation and tours in Egypt or doing a tour with one of my guides like Hussein Omar, (who has an Egyptology MA from the University of Alexandria) and of course online….with you.

I have all sorts of ideas to enhance your enjoyment of Egyptology….illustrated e-books like my 6 Egyptology Essays and Award Winning Dissertation on Breasts.…my lectures on Hidden Luxor and my recommended Egyptology books.  Please check them out.


All my e-books are available as a hard copy or as a  Kindle on Amazon

I have been passionate about Egyptology since the 1970s, and am very knowledgeable about Ancient Egypt. Now living in Luxor, running holiday flats for visitors exploring the Valley of the Kings, the Valley of the Nobles and much more, I offer the unique opportunity to discover ancient Egypt in more detail here in Luxor, or in the comfort of your own home, for those of you who just can’t get enough information about the Land of the Pharaohs.

Jane says

“I know many of my guests would like a much more in depth understanding of the Luxor monuments. Nearly all of them want to get away from the other tourists!. Some have studied the history in depth. What my courses will offer is Hidden Luxor. I know the sites like the back of my hand from years of guiding. I know which parts are deserted, where nobody goes, how just by turning a corner you avoid the crowds, where that special scene is. “


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